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Nov 15, 2012 11:00am PST
, brazil, the third largest city in the world. in this anatomy of a mega-city, we'll explore: the urban geography of immigration and ethnic diversity, thsquatter settlements and self-construction. sao paulo, brazil. with its crowded boulevards and massive skyscrapers, it seems awealthy as any city in the world. sao paulo is unique among latin american cities. in the early part of t, when places like rio de janeiro copied traditional european styles of construction, sao paulo was following a distinctly american model of urbanism. imitating the forms of chicago and new york, sao paulo built upward,gro. but in a huge ring around ty slies a very different,gro. urban environment. here, stretchingoriles, is a city of self-built structures in various stages of completion. they line hillsides and rocky streets where some of sao paulo's newest immigrants struggo build mes om brick and cen where some of sao paulo's alaide and her family came to sao paulo from northeastern brazil. ( alaide speaking portuguese ) translator: from there my father came first to work. came i as a maid,my motwas amsts
Nov 8, 2012 11:00am PST
haveome from the northern border region and from the metropolitan center, including mexico city. arth rio has, for almost a hundred years, beenheest central region, that is, jalisco, michoacan. and we found that indeed, it was stillhe most important gion for sendingignts. narrator: jones then sees a surprising cluster here, whheecit.jones:central mexi hascarcelyn udd byociascntists.we wererore suri narrator: jones then sees a surprising cluster here, hetumigratones:central mexi hom the nenand i a o is so, byociascntists.we wererore suri narrator: but to verify this,s ai needed to go into e field. narrator: nes's research has brought him here, to the mesa e, a high dry plateau beginning near mexico city and stretching to the u.s. border. iss one sourceof traditial and employment here: gold andilver mining. t one look at the mines and a lk wh some remaining workers coirms the sad economic stastics. t ochear mesututesmand a drop e lk wh some remaining workers have cut many bsere. jones: what we fod in the north central region was a decline in proction anin employment in the mining sector, w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2